Professional Experience and Agility

The senior partner of the law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS render legal services in the intellectual property field for more than 15 years and have led and hold experience on complex cases involving the protection, efficacy and exploitation of innovation and intellectual property rights in Brazil and overseas. As an example, Dr. José Carlos Vaz e Dias (LLM/PhD) is an active attorney on intellectual property since 1990 who undertook his doctorate studies in England and initiated its apprenticeship in this field.

Based on the creativity and experience obtained from the long period of service rendering in the intellectual property field, our team establishes an intense and efficient relationship with our clients, always aiming to understand the peculiarities of the economic activities and with the desire to protect and broaden the client’s business.

Our philosophy is therefore to supply personalized attention to our clients, highlighting that the legal services are rendered by our attorneys and technicians indicated by each case. It is not a common practice the rendering of services by paralegals, unless it is duly informed to the client.