Intellectual Capability

One of the competitive edges of the Law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS is the high professional capacity and academic preparation of its attorneys and technical professionals, that make possible to increase its services within the intellectual property Field and permit a continuous and comprehensive intersection between different Law fields and the use of legal developments that are supported by court actions for securing efficiently the intangible of businessmen or finding legal solutions viable for the resolution of conflicts derived from market competition.

Therefore, the Law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS holds in its professional team engineers, pharmacists, biotechnologist and attorneys holding postgraduate studies, masters, doctorate, besides the acknowledged experience for over 15 years.

The legal solutions are usually verified when we lead court actions initiated in favor of the clients or in the elaboration of agreements, and when the firm seeks the use of legal institutes grounded by the Civil Code and commercial laws to reinforce the intellectual property rights, such as the prohibition of illicit enrichment practice, the broadening of the interpretation to fraud in the trademark and those property actions, among others.

The broad intellectual capability of the professionals of the firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS also permits the elaboration of adequate strategies during the prosecution of patents and trademarks or when elaborating patent and trademark search.

The law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS also highlights in its legal service rendering the knowledge of the peculiarities of the fiscal, competition laws and those of foreign Exchange control (ruled by the Brazilian Central Bank) in the legal matters involving the use e exploitation of intellectual creations, by means of technology transfer agreements and licensing of trademarks, patents, plant varieties and copyrights. In this matter, it is stressed the knowledge and experience in the support of Brazilian businessmen, universities and research institutions as well as the efficient use of the Brazilian Innovation Law and the fiscal benefits secured to those who invest in new technological developments.

The knowledge on fiscal laws is indispensable for the elaboration of a Fiscal Planning, reduction of fiscal impact on remittances, as well as maximization for royalties to the foreign licensor.

Yet, the labor laws and the Civil Code influence the exploitation of technology and intangibles, in the sense that the category of imported services interfere in the fiscal deductibility, suffer restrictions from the local ruling and well as define criteria for the efficiency of transfer of commercial establishment and the use of trade names.