International Activities

In view of the demand of our clients, the expansion of our activities to the international arena became indispensable to secure the best services in the protection of trademarks, patents, and plant varieties, copyright and other intangibles. It has been created within our firm a specific sector so-called “international protection”, that has permitted to our professionals render several services before foreign government agencies such as the United States Patent Office (USPTO), the Office for the Harmonization in the International Market (Trademarks and Industrial Design) and the Japanese Patent Office, among others.

In this international area, the law firm VAZ E DIAS ADVOGADOS & ASSOCIADOS maintains associates and representatives in all jurisdictions, needed for the protection of intellectual property rights overseas, secure the adequate foreign investment of intangibles and for assisting such correspondents to obtain protection for the intellectual property rights of their clients in the Brazilian territory.

Such associates are contacts obtained from the main international conferences on intellectual property rights, such as the International trademark Association (INTA), the American Intellectual property Law association (AIPLA) and the Licensing Executive Society, among others.

For the support of our clients, we aim to elaborate a strategy of protecting trademarks and patents in different jurisdictions, since the international protection generate necessarily high investment costs. Therefore, it is indispensable to examine and elaborate a “Business Plan” for the adequate protection overseas with lessen costs.